“Incredible intellectual prowess”

Mica's incredible intellectual prowess offers a true wealth of knowledge which she can draw upon. She also delivers every message with not only complete empathy but also in a gentle way that leaves the listener open to anything she has to say.

— D.M.

“Compassionate listener; wise advisor”

Her readiness to offer a soft and welcoming smile while also displaying strength and confidence makes her a compassionate listener and a wise advisor. 

— M.T.

Compassionate analysis: she helps people understand their feelings and behavior and effectively approach the problems they're facing. Mica is an awesome counselor!

— T.D.


“Mica is the first counselor I recommend”

If I were to recommend only one person as a counselor it would be Mica. She is deeply emotional but can manage her emotions appropriately while counseling. She's clear-minded and a sharp thinker but doesn't reduce other people to fit into categories. She has great self-control but also follows appropriate intuitions when they arise. 

— H.M.

“Excellent with relationships and conflict”

Mica is excellent with relationships, handling conflict, navigating friendships and community, communication, and managing strong emotions. She is also an excellent listener, extremely insightful, honest, trustworthy, and ethical.  

— S.L.


“Stellar, professional service.”

Mica knows a lot about human behavior and needs, and when she articulates these concepts I always learn and am better able to relate to myself. 

— L.I.



Mica supported me in my journey exploring and searching for the meaning of life. 

— M.L.

“Changed for the better”

Mica is a powerful expression of the divine feminine and a major light bringer in this world. Anyone who comes into contact with her will be changed for the better. 

— M.R.


“In touch with wisdom I never knew I had”

Her presence has the power to burst open the heart chakra of any person thus putting them in touch with wisdom they never knew they had.

— P.K.