How I work with my clients

As humans, we need to be with other humans in order to heal. I believe that everyone could benefit from having a helping hand on their journey of self discovery. Being a human is hard work. Most of us get significantly wounded along the way. Sometimes those wounds are so painful that we would rather just button them up and move on than ask for someone to join us in the pain. When I work with people what I see is the cumulative effect of old wounds piled up, all of us doing our best to smile anyway. In seeking counseling support, it is possible to access a trusted guide who can walk with you through the wounded places and help you find true resolution. The body has a tremendous ability to heal when given the right supportive environment. None of us can do it alone. We are social creatures and our healing often needs to be validated by a loving witness.

What I offer my clients is that loving witness. I will join you in your darkest places and help them feel less scary. I will listen to your deepest shame so you don’t feel the need to hide so much. I will welcome your rage and agony with just as much fierce compassion as your silly inner child. Together we will visit and invite all the parts of you to reunite in wholeness, and gently remove whatever blockages or defensive strategies could be in the way of that freedom. 

Early in my education and career, I was an activist and world traveler and I ended up at U.C., Berkeley where I completed my B.A. degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. For several years after graduating I did various forms of peace work, teaching, and mediation. What I eventually realized is that while responding to conflicts with nonviolence is the most effective and humane approach (and I am still truly inspired and committed to guiding people through that process), at the root of most conflicts is unprocessed pain and trauma, so waiting until the conflicts erupt is actually less efficient than helping people process their pain before it starts spilling onto other people through their conflicts. I decided that I wanted to stop violence by going straight to the source, and the best way to do that was to study counseling. 

I draw from several modalities in my counseling practice. Through my yearlong training in Sex and Relationship Coaching with the Somatica Institute, I learned to lead with my own vulnerability and encourage realness with my clients. I also learned an amazing amount of practical skills to help people navigate the mysteries of sex and relationship so they can relate to others more authentically and build their ideal relationships. In my yearlong training in Bodynamics through Body Wisdom Psychotherapy, I am studying the 7 developmental stages that each of us progress through as children and how to work specifically with wounds from each stage. And 2018 marks the beginning of a 3 year certification training with Somatic Experiencing where I will learn precise techniques to help clients process and complete trauma that gets stored in the body.

I have not completed a master’s degree in psychotherapy and I am not licensed through any state. My study of therapy and counseling has been through the above programs which are private schools that do not offer licensure. All of these schools and programs have emphasized body awareness in emotional processing, and this is the foundation for my work in my counseling practice. 

All sessions are currently taking place online through Zoom Video Conferencing. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to meet in person, that can be arranged upon request. Please email me to inquire.



1 hour session: $100

90 minute session: $150

All sessions are currently taking place online through Zoom Video Conferencing. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to meet in person, that can be arranged upon request. Please email me to inquire.


Incredible intellectual prowess

Mica's incredible intellectual prowess offers a true wealth of knowledge which she can draw upon. She also delivers every message with not only complete empathy but also in a gentle way that leaves the listener open to anything she has to say.

— D.M.

Mica is the first counselor I recommend!

If I were to recommend only one person as a counselor it would be Mica. She is deeply emotional but can manage her emotions appropriately while counseling. She's clear-minded and a sharp thinker but doesn't reduce other people to fit into categories. She has great self-control but also follows appropriate intuitions when they arise. 

— H.M.

Excellent with relationships and conflict

Mica is excellent with relationships, handling conflict, navigating friendships and community, communication, and managing strong emotions. She is also an excellent listener, extremely insightful, honest, trustworthy, and ethical.  

— S.L.